Ethiopia's first AI Data-Driven Risk Decisioning, and Banking Platform as a Service infrastructure provider

Our Journey

Established in 2015 as a subsidiary of Kifiya Financial Technology, Qena embarked on a mission to reshape Ethiopia's financial landscape by introducing its pioneering AI-powered digital lending solution, focusing on uncollateralized credit offerings through an advanced credit scoring system. From inception, our commitment to innovation was clear; we concentrated on creating small-sized financial products for individuals and enterprises, revolutionizing the underwriting process with our AI-driven Credit Scoring System and Digital Financing Platform. This enables faster, more precise credit and finance decisions without requiring collateral.

Our belief in collaboration, training, and co-creation has steered our journey, allowing us to work in partnership with financial institutions to develop innovative solutions that bridge financial gaps focused on the underserved segments of the population, including MSMEs, smallholder farmers, and individuals. Qena’s robust foundation is built upon a rich repository of 5 years’ time-series data of MSMEs, and Individuals, customized psychometric scoring tailored to the local socio-economic context that is accumulated and refined throughout our 7+ years of technology development. Moreover, in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation Qena worked on a 4+ years of technology customization, forming the backbone of our innovative solutions and driving our ongoing mission to build a better financial future for all.






Platform Users

Our Vision

Sparking a world where financial barriers no longer restrain the potential of MSMEs & individuals

Our Mission

Empowering MSMEs & individuals by transforming financial ecosystem with AI-enabled uncollateralized credit and financing solutions

Our Values


We commit to implement pioneering technology and AI-driven financial solutions for our partners & users.


We are agile in predicting, understanding, and meeting the evolving needs of our partners & users.


Our purpose is to promote equitable opportunities for individuals and businesses to transform the financial landscape. 


We cultivate collaborative partnerships internally & externally for our shared success. 

Join us on our mission to build a better financial future.


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