Capacity Building Training for Enat Bank

Qena Digital Lending, in collaboration with Predictive Analytics Lab, successfully concluded a comprehensive capacity building training titled “Digital Lending Principles and Practices” for Enat Bank S.C. The enlightening 4-day training took place from May 08 to 12, 2023, at Elilly Hotel. Its primary objective was to equip Enat Bank’s Executive and Project Team with essential knowledge and skills in digital lending concepts and the application of credit scoring, facilitating their entry into the digital lending market.

Enat Bank, known for its commitment to women’s empowerment and financial inclusion in Ethiopia, took a significant step forward in its digital transformation journey through this capacity building initiative. The training, led by experts from Predictive Analytics Lab, a Kenyan consulting and Training firm that provides cutting-edge solutions in Big Data Analytics, Predictive Modelling and Blockchain solutions provided valuable insights into the principles and best practices of digital lending, enabling Enat Bank to leverage technology to expand its lending offerings and cater to a broader customer base.

The training sessions delved into various aspects of digital lending, including credit scoring methodologies, risk assessment, regulatory compliance, and customer experience optimization. Participants gained practical insights and learned how to effectively implement digital lending strategies to enhance operational efficiency and provide seamless customer experiences.

As Enat Bank embarks on this exciting new phase in its digital lending journey, Qena Digital Lending remain committed to providing ongoing support and collaboration. Together, they strive to drive financial inclusion, promote gender equality, and contribute to the overall economic growth and resilience of Ethiopia.

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Capacity Building Training for Enat Bank

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